MTN Montana Colors Hardcore 400ml

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  • 142 Colours in range
  • 400ml
  • Modified Alkyd base
  • Synthetic Paint
  • Medium Pressure Valve
  • Fast drying.
  • Gloss Finish
  • Strong resistance to scratching
  • Good covering capability.
  • Very good resistance to the sun, rain & UV light

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  • MTN Hardcore [1.47 mins]

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142 shades

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    MTN Hardcore is one of the classic ranges from the Spanish paint manufacturer. Montana Colors Hardcore (MTN) is the format that transformed the concept of graffiti spray paint back in 1996. Today, Hardcore is famous worldwide and one of the highest performing gloss spray paints available. Now with 142 colours, the range has a much wider and more considered spectrum of shades. The rich colour pigment drys within a few minutes, ready to take another layer over the top with no problem. Hardcore is also highly versatile and a perfect tool for art, diy, craft or industrial applications.


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