MTN Montana Colors Mega Spray Paint 600ml

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  • 21 Colours in range
  • 600ml
  • Modified Alkyd base
  • High Pressure Valve System
  • Very Fast drying.
  • Gloss Finish
  • Very good resistance to the sun, rain & UV light

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  • Mega Colors [1.50 mins]

  • Mega Plata [1.20 mins]

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21 shades

    Product and safety information

    The MTN Mega is a high pressure range of spray paint with a large 600ml format. With 21 core shades from the hardcore range available, there are many colour options to choose from.  These Shades are all selected for their high opacity and high coverage rate.  MTN Mega covers large areas quickly with a powerful, wide spray pattern. The higher pressure output comes from a specially optimised valve system. Each can also comes fitted with a white, pink dot fat cap.

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