MTN Montana Colors 94 Spray Paint 400ml

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  • 217 colours in range
  • 400ml
  • Modified alkyd base
  • Synthetic paint
  • Low pressure valve
  • Matt finish
  • Fast drying
  • Strong resistance to scratching
  • Good covering capability and colour durability
  • Very good resistance to the sun, rain and UV light

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  • MTN 94 New Look [1 mins]

  • MTN 94 FLUOR GROOVE! [1 mins]

  • MTN 94 [3 mins]

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217 shades

    Product and safety information

    The MTN 94 range is one of the most widely recognised spray paint brands produced by Montana Colors. There are 217 shades currently available in the range including matt, metallic, transparent and fluorescent colours. A smooth valve system makes MTN 94 extra easy to handle. The quick drying paint inside helps to prevent drips from forming and allows for almost immediate repainting afterwards.

    MTN 94 was born in 2008 to offer a higher quality aerosol paint at a competitive price point. Conceived as a matt finish product to complement MTN’s gloss range, 94 offers more precise performance and a wide array of pastel colours. The name given references the year that Montana Colors first came into existence, 1994.

    MTN by Montana Colors continues to innovate in the world of spray paint. Their many different product ranges allow artists and creatives to express themselves in numerous different ways.