Molotow Premium Spray Paint 400ml

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  • 252 semi gloss highly opaque colours
  • 400ml
  • Nitro-alkyd base
  • Dual pressure valve
  • Highly pigmented formula (4 times ground pigments)
  • Highest UV- and weather resistance
  • Quick-drying and adhesive (nitro-alkydal compound)
  • Patented Molotow technology, all-season™ (-10°C until +50°C)
  • Perfectly suitable for use with airbrush

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  • MOLOTOW™ & Friends - SATONE vs MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM [3.33 mins]

  • MOLOTOW™ & Friends - MADC vs MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM [2.47 mins]

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252 shades

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    The Molotow Premium range is one of the most recognisable spray paint brands available in the world. With a rich library of 275+ shades, you have semi gloss colours, transparent colours and varnishes too. This specially developed formula will allow you to paint on almost every surface. With four times ground pigments inside, you have a highly opaque finish and reliability that is unmatched. It's a global favourite for both graffiti writers and fine artists alike. The UV resistant and weatherproof paint allows your artwork to survive for years both indoors and outdoors. A dual pressure valve system built into each can allows for all stroke widths depending on which type of cap you are using.

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