Who We Are

The company you have never heard of.

However, our name is a hard one to forget once you know us. We have worked behind the scenes distributing specialist art materials throughout the U.K. for over twenty years now. Focusing on B2B sales, growing brands like MTN from Montana Colors, Molotow and On The Run. Making these products easy to find in both physical shops and with online sellers. If you have purchased products from any of these brands, it’s highly probable they passed through our warehouse.

We are not just about business though. This company is created by artists and run by artists.  The reason we came to import the products we sell is because we wanted to use them. Unfortunately, when we started out, they were not readily available to us. We decided to make a change and did the work to start importing some virtually unknown brands at the time.

Moving forward to the present day, we are now both distributing and selling some very well established brands. Stock wise, our warehouse holds one of the largest amounts of spray paint available in the country. With around 200,000 cans on stock at any time, we are well prepared for orders of all sizes. Turnaround time can be really fast, depending on the size of your order and how urgent it is. Usually, we can pick, pack and ship orders placed before noon on the same working day.