Molotow Coversall Marker 760PI Masterpiece

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  • 60mm tip
  • 35ml capacity
  • rich COVERSALL™ signal black
  • alcohol-based
  • Glossy special ink with synthetic bitumen
  • highly opaque & permanent
  • Pump Action Tip
  • refillable & exchangeable tips

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  • MOLOTOW™ Product Sessions #07 - MASTERPIECE™ COCKTAIL INKS compatible with ONE4ALL™ [2.38 mins]

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The brands widest marker to date, the Molotow Marker 760PI Masterpiece features a 60mm wide chisel tip. Create large scale marks with both a wide and thin edge, perfect for calligraphy and handstyles. Contains CoversAll Signal Black ink, an alcohol based, synthetic bitumen ink that makes your marks stay where you want them. When applied to a surface, this highly opaque ink will block out anything behind with ease. This pump marker has a patented capillary system for excellent flow. Add a refill extension to the marker for a much cleaner filling experience.

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