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Molotow Empty Dripstick Marker 10mm 70ml

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  • Dripstick™ 10mm 70ml
  • 70ml capacity
  • 10mm Applicator Highflow
  • compatible with nearly all paints and inks (fluid and viscous)
  • for drip effects and large-scale applications
  • for nearly all surfaces
  • refillable via rear tank cap
  • exchangeable applicators

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  • MOLOTOW™ Product Sessions #10 - MOLOTOW™ EMPTY DRIPSTICK SERIES [5.45 mins]

Product and safety information

The empty 10 mm Molotow Dripstick squeeze marker. Fill with any type of ink, paint or liquid that you prefer to use up to 70ml. Molotow Dripstick is the perfect writing tool for creating the drippiest tags possible. Use a marker with a constant flow of ink, that you can control. Dripsticks feature a squeezable bottle allowing you to constantly be pushing ink through the nib as you apply to the surface. This pocket sized Dripstick features a 70ml capacity, and comes with a soft applicator nib allowing you to make a line width of 10mm on almost any surface. Easily refillable by removing the rear tank cap for access.

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