Molotow Grafx Blender Pump Softliner Marker

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  • 1 mm Soft Brush for precise and energetic strokes
  • alcohol-based
  • brightening effect fluid
  • transparent
  • quick-drying
  • plastic color application (several layers)
  • refillable & exchangeable tips

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  • MOLOTOW™ Product Sessions #23 - Blender Techniques [3.58 mins]

  • MOLOTOW™ Product Sessions #03 - Blender und GRAFX Art Masking Liquid [2.32 mins]

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The Molotow Grafx Blender Pump Softliner is the perfect tool for blending coloured inks together on paper. This clear liquid will merge two shades after careful use by the user. Blender can also be applied in several layers for a finishing clear coat, the result is a plastic effect for a high quality look and feel. A patented pump system combines the marker with the lid to create a flowing ink system.



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