MTN Montana Colors Neckface Limited Edition

SKU: EX1034168
From £30.00

  • Limited to 500 Units Worldwide
  • Wooden presentation Box
  • Colour = Kalani Orange

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One of a series of collectible MTN Montana Colors Limited Edition cans. This latest version features Neckface, an American artist based in Brooklyn.

NECKFACE paints in a way that you think he doesn’t care what you think. A scrawl that looks like the pen puked it across your field of vision. But NECK got a line that’s elegant and confident, like a demon dropping in the bowl at the 6th ring of hell.

Obviously, there’s a hell, we’re living/painting/skating in it, and God’s got some sick moves too. She gave NECKFACE a lot of talent. The Devil keeps him busy, but it’s all good work. So, who is winning the battle of good and evil? All of us, duh!

Limited to 500 Units worldwide, this is truly a collectors piece. The can also comes inside a wooden presentation box to keep it well protected.

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