MTN Montana Colors Mr.Dheo Limited Edition

SKU: EX1034160
From £30.00

  • Limited to 500 Units Worldwide
  • Wooden presentation Box
  • Colour = Emerald Green

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One of a series of collectible MTN Montana Colors Limited Edition cans. This latest version features Mr.Dheo, a Portuguese  artist based in Porto.

Mr.Dheo always related to art in his childhood. Self-taught, the first contact with graffiti appeared at age 15 and soon his drawings turned into countless letter studies. Months later he did his first street piece and started to meet other local artists to whom he related and that motivated him to carry on. Today, after 22 years of continuous work, Mr.Dheo has happily painted all over the world with a style that combines photo realistic characters with a traditional graffiti aesthetic.

Limited to 500 Units worldwide, this is truly a collectors piece. The can also comes inside a wooden presentation box to keep it well protected.

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