MTN Montana Colors Liquid Metallic Permanent Paint Refill 200ml

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  • 200ml
  • Acrylic Base
  • Fast drying.
  • Excellent adherence.
  • Does not contain lead or other heavy metals.
  • Excellent metallic finish.
  • Good covering capability.
  • Easy to apply with a paint brush or air brush.

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    MTN Liquid Metallic Paint is a series of highly opaque permanent paints. Great for use in marker pens or applied direct with airbrush, brushes or other tools. Each shade has a shiny metallic finish and really stands out on darker surfaces. Created with a combination of solvent based acrylic resins and leafing pigments, these shades guarantee consistent results. A great paint to use for sign writing and creating on a wide range of outdoor surfaces. The paint has great resistance to the weather and can be used for industrial purposes too. Overall, an excellent quality fast drying metallic paint that is perfect for jobs where shine and opacity matter.

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