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MTN Pro Stainless Steel Home Appliance Spray Paint 400ml

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  • Stainless Steel Colour
  • 400ml
  • Ultra Fast Drying
  • High covering
  • Good water resistant.
  • Very high resistance outdoors
  • Excellent anticorrosive power
  • Very resistant to external temperatures.
  • Excellent welding properties.

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  • Renueva el aspecto de tus electrodomésticos con MTN PRO Blanco Electrodomésticos [0.34 mins]

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The MTN Montana Colors Pro range is all about a professional finish. This Stainless Steel Home Appliance paint is created with synthetic resins and metallic pigments. It's Perfect to use for touch ups and also painting electrical appliances. The paint adheres well to all metals and most plastic materials. It's highly resistant to aggressive substances, diluted acids and low concentration gasses. The paint resists external temperatures and outdoor exposure.

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