MTN Montana Colors Water Based Marker 3mm Pack (8 Markers)

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  • 8 marker pack
  • 3mm tip
  • 6ml capacity
  • refillable
  • Very fast drying
  • High opacity
  • matt finish

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  • Descubre todas las aplicaciones de los rotuladores MTN Water Based [0:32 mins]

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The MTN Montana Colors WB Fine Marker has a 3mm bullet tip for fine lines and detailed works. This pack of 8 covers a broad selection in clear plastic packaging. Filled with a water based acrylic paint, these markers are highly pigmented too. The paint is matt finish and available in twenty colours selected from the full water based chart.  The markers, spray paint and refills all totally match by colour, not just by name. This gives many projects really good colour matching, across a range of mediums. Suitable for nearly all types of surfaces. these markers are quick drying too.


  • 8 MTN Montana Colors WB Fine Marker
    • RV 1021 Light Yellow (Cadmium Yellow Medium)
    • RV 2004 Orange (Azo Orange)
    • RV 3020 Light Red (Naphthol Red)
    • RV 4010 Magenta (Quinacridone Magenta)
    • RV 30 Electric Blue (Prussian Blue)
    • RV 34 Guacamole Green (Brilliant Light Green)
    • R 9010 Titanium White
    • R 9011 Carbon Black

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