Molotow Calligrafx Pump Softliner Marker

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  • 2 mm Soft Chisel for precise and energetic strokes
  • 9ml capacity
  • color shade: COVERSALL™ signal black
  • alcohol-based special ink with synthetic bitumen
  • glossy & highly opaque
  • permanent & quick-drying
  • plastic color application (several layers)
  • for nearly all surfaces
  • color shade: COVERSALL™ signal black
  • refillable and exchangeable tips

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The Molotow CalliGrafx Softliner allows you to create perfect calligraphy style marks. Contains glossy Coversall Signal Black ink. An alcohol based, synthetic bitumen ink that makes your marks stay where you want them. A patented pump system combines the marker with the lid to create a flowing ink system. The soft chisel tip nib allows for precise and sharp edged lines of varying width.

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