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MTN Montana Colors 94 Graphic Marker Solid Colours Pack (36 Markers)

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  • Dual Tip – 7mm Chisel and 0.5mm fine
  • Very Fast Drying
  • Alcohol Based Translucent Ink
  • Colours Can Be mixed
  • High Weather Resistance
  • Good Resistance to U.V.
  • Colours to match the MTN 94 Spray Range

Full product info
  • 94 Graphic Markers (72) [4.52 mins]

Product and safety information

The MTN 94 Graphic Markers use a high quality alcohol based translucent ink. This 36 set contains some of the most popular shades which match colours from the MTN 94 spray paint range. Each marker features dual tips of 7mm chisel for filling areas or calligraphy and 0.5mm for sketching or drawing lines. Suitable for most porous surfaces, but these markers really excel on paper. We would recommend to try these on any format of the MTN book for best results. Colours can be mixed temporarily by pressing tips together and there is a blender tool for effects also.

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