Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker 703 1mm

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  • Fine 1mm nib
  • alcohol-based
  • highly pigmented special ink
  • high-gloss liquid chrome
  • highly opaque & permanent
  • good UV resistance
  • refillable

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The 703 Liquid Chrome Marker is available in a variety of different line widths. These range from 1-5mm depending on the amount of surface area you want to cover. Liquid Chrome is one of the most innovative products from the Molotow range. This high gloss paint creates a reflective mirror like surface. Liquid Chrome paint is compatible with a variety of products and accessories. From marker pens to mops, brushes and even airbrush is possible to use. A permanent paint with good UV resistance  made for both indoor and outdoor use. Protect the finish more by applying a clear varnish topcoat. This product builds a further stage of development for the paint used in the classic BURNER marker range. Check out the Liquid Chrome user guide for both inspiration and more info on the markers in the range.


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