MTN Pro Multi-Purpose Vinyl Coating 400ml

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  • 18 Colours in range
  • 400m
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove (peelable)
  • Good coverage
  • Good flexibility
  • Soft Touch Finish

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  • How to personalize your car using the MTN Industrial Multi-Purpose Vinyl Coating Spray [2.16 mins]

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    The MTN Montana Colors Pro range is all about a professional finish. This Multi Purpose Vinyl Coating is a paint that once dry becomes a layer that can be removed by peeling. Developed for customisation use, it is weather resistant and easy to apply. Provides a grip effect due to its soft touch finish. Ideal for use on metals, glass, plastics or any non porous surface. Good coverage and highly flexible too. Always carry out a test to be sure your surface is compatible with the product.

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