MTN Montana Colors WTF Sticker Pack - Subway

SKU: SPAT2405339
From £9.65

  • 50 Stickers in each pack
  • Size 10cm x 6cm
  • Black Permanent Marker included
  • Egg Shell cant be removed in one piece
  • Highly Adhesive
  • Resistant to Water

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This Montana Colors WTF Sticker pack Subway contains 50 eggshell type stickers and a small black permanent marker. Eggshell stickers look just like normal stickers but once applied they will break down into many small pieces if removed. Each sticker has a Subway style design with a label template style already printed on the face. Made for customisation, use the included black marker to create your own personalised stickers. Great for indoor and outdoor use, these stickers have excellent adhesion on most surface types with a strong resistance to water.