MTN Montana Colors Mute Spray Can Silencer

From £3.70

  • Small size and ergonomical design
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Manufactured from neodymium
  • Not compatible with the MTN Water Based family

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Product and safety information

An innovation by MTN, the 'Mute' can silencer is a magnet which attaches to the base of a spray can. The magnet holds the mixing balls in place for those times when you want to be a bit more inconspicuous. Much smaller by comparison to previous versions of this product, the Mute barely covers the bottom of the can. The design takes inspiration from the classic cover that used to come on all hardcore cans instead of a cap. Featuring a gloss black finish with matt relief detailing and silver text inspired by photographic lens text cues. The neodymium magnet is the perfect size to grip the ball inside the can but not too heavy to distract from the contents left inside.

Packaging for Mute is all recyclable cardboard and forms a great informal presentation pack. Don't forget to remove the mute from an empty can before recycling it!

This accessory is not compatible with Montana Water Based products as they use a glass mixing ball.