MTN Montana Colors Delta X Ruyzdael Limited Edition

SKU: EX1034157
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  • Limited to 500 Units Worldwide
  • Wooden presentation Box
  • Colour = Matt Black

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One of a series of collectible MTN Montana Colors Limited Edition cans. This latest version is a collaboration between Delta and Ruyzdael for the project Writers on Wax.

Writers on Wax: The Sound of Graffiti Volume 2 is a compilation album with 8 exclusive tracks featuring 8 (in)famous graffiti writers: BLADE, DELTA & Sjam Sjamsoedin, CREDIT 00, DUDES, COCA82, CEMOS, CHAZE and KAPI ONE.
The track ‘Colour Television’ featured on the album is an experimental electronic track by DELTA & SJAMSOEDIN.

DELTA is an Amsterdam based graffiti pioneer, artist, super creative and he is pushing boundaries as such.

The album releases on 1 December in the Museum of Graffiti of Miami Art Week, in combination with an exhibition of artists featured on the Writers on Wax vinyl series.

Limited to 500 Units worldwide, this is truly a collectors piece. The can also comes inside a wooden presentation box to keep it well protected.

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