Molotow Refill Extension Softliner 222EM 223EM Starter Set

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  • 1 x 222EM (1 mm brush)
  • 1 x 223EM (2 mm chisel)
  • 9ml capacity
  • empty marker system
  • for mixing and storing own color shades
  • compatible with nearly all inks
  • refillable – min. 50 times
  • exchangeable tips

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  • MOLOTOW™ Product Sessions #04 - How to install your MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION [1.58 mins]

Product and safety information

The Molotow Marker Softliner refill extension kit contains empty markers, refill extensions and spare nibs. Fill with any type of ink, paint or liquid that you prefer to use up to a 9ml capacity. With both 1mm brush and 2mm chisel tipped pump marker in the set, each has a patented capillary system for excellent flow. Exchange tips for other sizes from the pack. Add a refill extension to the marker for a much cleaner filling experience.

This pack contains :-

  • 1 x 222EM (1 mm brush)
  • 1 x 223EM (2 mm chisel)
  • 5 x exchange tips
  • 2 x Refill Extension B
  • 1 x Refill Extension B FOR FREE

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