Molotow Coversall Dripstick 860DS

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  • 10mm highflow round tip
  • filling quantity 70ml
  • rich COVERSALL™ signal black
  • alcohol-based
  • Glossy special ink with synthetic bitumen
  • highly opaque & permanent
  • Unscrewable tank cap
  • refillable & exchangeable tips

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The Molotow Drip Stick 860ds Coversall is the perfect tool for creating controlled lines with the most drips possible. Drip Sticks feature a squeezable tank allowing you to constantly force the ink through the nib as you apply to the surface. The Molotow Coversall Cocktail ink inside is a highly permanent, alcohol based ink. Formulated with synthetic bitumen for a gloss black opaque finish. Marks on almost any surface and quick drying too. The pocket sized Drip Stick 860DS features a 70ml capacity and comes with a soft applicator nib allowing you to make a line width of 10mm. Easily refillable by removing the rear tank cap for easy access.

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