MTN Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint 100ml - Full Range Pack of 18

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  • 18 Colours in pack
  • 100ml
  • Modified Polyurethane base
  • Low Pressure Valve
  • Matt Finish
  • Fast drying
  • Low odor
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Suitable for polystyrene.

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  • MTN Water Based [2.33 mins]

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Full Range Pack 18 gives a full selection of every colour available from the Water Based 100 range. Perfect for crafts, hobbies, group activities, the studio and similarly the workshop. The MTN Montana Colors Water Based 100 is a miniature version of the revolutionary MTN Water Based spray paint. It's undoubtedly fast drying, highly opaque, water based, aerosol paint with a matt finish. With this smaller can, MTN present a product specifically designed for beginners to the world of spray painting techniques. With it's small size, non toxic and low odour paint, this is a perfect product for introductions to graffiti and street art. Additionally, totally safe for supervised use by children and surely a great experience waiting to happen.


  • 18x MTN Montana Colors Water Based 100
    • RV 1021 Light Yellow (Cadmium Yellow Medium)
    • RV 2004 Orange (Azo Orange)
    • RV 3020 Light Red (Naphthol Red)
    • RV 211 Love Pink (Quinacridone Rose)
    • RV 4010 Magenta (Quinacridone Magenta)
    • RV 225 Geisha Violet (Blue Violet)
    • RV 29 Arctic Blue (Phthalo Blue Light)
    • RV 30 Electric Blue (Prussian Blue)
    • RV 219 Paris Green (Turquoise Green)
    • RV 34 Guacamole Green (Brilliant Light Green)
    • RV 6018 Valley Green (Brilliant Green)
    • RV 135 Safari Brown (Naples Yellow)
    • RV 265 Kruger Brown (Raw Sienna)
    • RV 7040 Pearl Grey (Neutral Grey)
    • R 9010 Titanium White
    • R 9011 Carbon Black
    • Jewel Silver - Metallic
    • Frame Gold - Metallic

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